UPshining Live Alocasia African Mask Include Pot and Stand 8" Gray Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand Dark Walnut

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Alocasia African Mask
It is a stunning houseplant.
It requires bright, indirect light. It can survive in 80 percent shade but prefer about 60 percent shade. Do not expose to strong, direct sunlight.
Water 1-2 times a week, when the top layer feels dry. Never let these (or any plants for that matter) sit in water. Make sure that your plant is in a well-draining container.
Fertilize every two weeks from late March through September. Never fertilize during the winter. Too much plant food results in salts building up in the soil and burning the leaves.

Specifications of Dimension:

Ceramic Planter Pots

  • Material of Pots: Ceramic Pot
  • Color of Pots: Grey
  • Diameter: 8"
  • Total Height: 8"
  • Hole for Drainage: Yes and Plug is provided

Wood Plant Stand:

  • Type of Wood: Ash
  • Color of Wood Stand: Dark Walnut
  • Inner Width: 8.3”
  • Total height of the stand:  12″
    Height from platform to top of legs: 4″  (If you flip the stand over to have your pot sit lower, the height from the platform to top legs is 6.5’’);